The Institute

Institute for Integrative Learning Therapy

  ifil Lübbecke-Obermehnen
Babilonieweg 37
32312 Lübbecke
serenely located at the edge of the woods


  ifil Bielefeld
Wilhelmstraße 9 - 9a
33602 Bielefeld
centrally located in the city of Bielefeld

The Institute for Integrative Learning Therapy was founded in 1998.  Our services are directed toward children, adolescents, and adults who experience learning or performance difficulties as seen in dyslexia, dyscalculia or attention-deficit-disorder AD (H) D.  Learning difficulties may occur when teaching in a regular scholastic setting cannot be or has not been sufficiently utilized.  They exacerbate the acquisition of the elementary cultural techniques reading, writing and arithmetic and lead to blockades in learning which even prevent recalling of existing knowledge.  
Our integrative learning therapy is a holistic therapeutic program, which is based on multi-sensory learning and experiencing involving all five senses and integrates pedagogical, medical, and psychological methods.  The goal is to re-establish positive learning structures through individual intervention.  This makes certain life options, such as school diplomas or job training and integration into society possible.
Our institute is a privately owned, independent institution, which is recognized by Youth Services with which service-cost agreements have been established.  We will gladly advise you about the possibility of financing by other public agencies.

Institute Director
Dušanka Elebracht

M.A. - Integrative Learning Therapy, University Hamburg
Systemic Family Therapist